NIKE's New One-Of-A-Kind Cleat Unlock Benefits for All Athletes

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Nike has always made innovation for athletes to perform their best their top priority and this new Nike FlyEase design is bringing a type of innovation that blows our minds! 

Imagine, you're in a high-pressure game, the speed of play is faster than ever, and you look down and notice your boot came untied. This is a Soccer Girl Problem we've all experienced at one point or another. You know the feeling of being flustered and rushing to tie your cleat before the person you're marking gets the ball. Many of us may take for granted that we have two hands in this stressful moment! Nike has taken boots to the next level with input and insights from adaptive athletes in the community to make their product smarter and better-designed for all athletes!

We introduce you to the new PHANTOM GT ACADEMY FLYEASE BOOT with advanced footwear focused on a set of specific needs that can work for wider spectrum of people! These boots simply put; are quicker to get in and go!


Carson Pickett, Defender for the Orlando Pride in the NWSL, weighed in on her first reaction when seeing the boots. When Carson opened this cleat, her first thought was a sense of relief.

She didn’t see a boot that had a sock that was difficult to get on, or a shoe that had to be tied…She saw something that made her smile because it would have helped her so much when she was younger and she knows just how much it can help young athletes today.

As a professional she struggles on the field in the moment if she ever has to fix her boots quick, but these new Phantom GT Academy boots have FlyEase technology that  can not only help adaptive athletes, but all athletes.

They're easy to open and close, allowing athletes to feel secure in a shoe using one or no hands. They are easier to slide your foot into and out of due to the heel of the shoe expanding to create a larger entry at the mouth. They also accommodate different foot shapes for those with a wider foot or braces that impact the shape of their foot.

We hope that this new boot from Nike is just the start for smarter and better footwear that can be enjoyed and benefitted by ALL!


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