SoccerGrlProbs Statement on Black Lives Matter

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Hi Ladyballers, friends, and family, 

With a heavy heart, we send our condolences to the countless black people, families, and friends, past and present, who have fell victim to acts of racism. As three white young women, we know we will never fully understand the pain and suffering that you've endured, but we promise you that we will do everything we can to help.

We stand with you.
  • We vow to donate to reputable foundations in support of Black Lives Matter (join our recent charity event
  • We vow to educate ourselves & raise our awareness of the problems with oppression and racism.
  • We vow to share resources (such as articles, videos, podcasts) that we find helpful to spread education. 
  • We vow to continue showcasing women of all colors, races, backgrounds, and nationalities on our website, feed, and more. 
  • We vow to continue empowering all women to love themselves no matter what color or size they are. 
  • We vow to listen and learn from black female athletes about their point of view and experiences.
  • We vow to provide supportive resources for kicking racism in SPORT!
  • We vow to continue creating equality apparel like this, thisthis and this <3
  • We vow to be compassionate and kind to every single person, no matter what they look like. 

We are by no means perfect. We have a lot of work to do, all of us do. Just know that our brand is doing everything in our power to work towards equality and to help bring justice to all. 

Let's keep our foot on the gas and continue the good fight for what is right.

But before we go, please read...

-Our two most recent blogs (Diversify Your Instagram and 6 Ways to Stand Up to Racism As A Ladyballer) on easy ways we can stand up to racism today

-Watch our SoccerGrlProbs commercial. We think you'll feel inspired as much as we did. 

-Click here to take action against racism! 

Carly, Shannon and Alanna 
CoFounders, SoccerGrlProbs 

All proceeds of the event will be donated to Black Lives Matter Global Network, No Kid Hungry, Women's Sports Foundation and TWLOHA.

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