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Soccer Girls + Chocolate Milk = GAME CHANGER

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Lady Ballers, raise your right hand if you like or LOVE Chocolate Milk
Now, raise your left hand if you like to recover properly.
(You should look something like this) 
NOW WAVE YA HANDS IN THE AIR LIKE YOU JUST DON'T CARE - Alright, alright we're kidding - In all seriousness, did you know that drinking chocolate milk after a strenuous workout can aid recovery in ways that water alone cannot? 

All the cool people are doing it, like Team SGP & Kelley O'Hara on the US Women's National Team. Having played college soccer, we know & understand the importance of recovery as an athlete. Just think about it - what you put into your body affects your performance - 100%. And one of the most important times to focus on what's going into your body is RIGHT AFTER you workout! It's time to rethink what you are reaching for after practice. We're teaming up with THE BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK Campaign to help break it down for you #Ad (this message is from a marketer). 

Benefits of drinking Chocolate Milk after exercise:
  • It has high-quality protein and nutrients that help recovery after strenuous workouts.
  • Unlike most recovery drinks, chocolate milk naturally provides protein (which helps you build lean muscle - can we hear an AMEN? #thicklegsinshape)
  • It contains the right proportions of protein & carbs to refuel exhausted muscles & help return them to their peak potential.
  • Provides E L E C T R O L Y T E S to help replenish what is lost in sweat in fluids (which you and us both know is a lot during practice). 
  • Convenience (You most likely have 5 minutes to get to class after your workout, grabbing a chocolate milk is a convenient, hand-held and easy to "bring wherever you go" snack)
  • Taste UNBO (also known as unbelievable, unreal, undeniably delicious - so on and so forth)
BONUS: Now it's your turn to put this routine to the test. Since we love our strong arms & abs, pick one of Kelley O'Hara's Core or Lower body Workouts and then treat yourself to a smart & delicious chocolate milk to help recover before your next practice. Spread the word, good luck & Enjoooyyyyyyy.

Besides, when you drink chocolate milk - puppies will literally flock to you. Why wouldn't you want to grab a cold glass of this first thing after a workout?!

Please visit for more information about the science and benefits of low-fat chocolate milk.

Twitter: @chocolate_milk
Instagram: @builtwithchocolatemilk 


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  • John posted on August 23 2016 at 07:08 PM

    As a runner and personal trainer I rely on Ovaltine and milk for a quick boost.

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