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Hi, Ladyballers! We just got back from Dallas, TX where we had the most wonderful experience with Mutiny FC!  We can't tell you how refreshing and wonderful it was to witness a club that had such a strong bond between teams, coaches, and the community. Mutiny Fc was truly an organization lead by such selfless and generous individuals.

OUR EXPERIENCE: First, we ran a 2-hour clinic with Mutiny FC players and other Texas club players, who had amazing energy and worked their butt's OFF (They even had a game later on in the day). They reminded us that "it is not sacrifice, if you love what you are doing". Afterward, we had an open discussion; answering questions and giving tips on EVERY THING soccer girl related! Don't ever be afraid to ask for advice - you can learn so much from those who are more experienced!

And what happens after you work hard?! YOU REFUEL! These wonderful ladies invited us to Ten50 BBQ where we had the most delicious southern comfort food. It was so much fun sitting with the girls and getting to know more about them on a personal level. 

Shortly after, we headed to Mutiny FC's Banquet to celebrate the club's accomplishments! We were honored to be guest speakers at the event (spreading our mission to empower female athletes to over 700 PEOPLE was incredible)! We told our SoccerGrlProbs story and emphasized the importance of empowering one another and being true to yourself. It is very easy to blend in, whether you are in class, on the field, with your friends, etc. However, you need to remember that you can create your own path! Trust that if you are authentic and honest with yourself, you will accomplish anything. Do you.

Is your team interested in SoccerGrlProbs making an appearance, guest speaking, hosting mini-camps and MORE?! Email us at 
We can't wait to hear from you LADYBALLERS!

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