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  • SoccerGrlProbs got the opportunity to try out this INCREDIBLE machine last week at InSports indoor facilities in Trumbull, CT! The SideKick Soccer Machine (made by Seattle Sport Sciences Inc) is a machine that can feed you ANY type of ball you want, at speeds up to 70 mph!

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  • In this week's Fitness Friday video, we use ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT to do over 10 exercises, hitting all parts of the body! The piece of equipment we used was a WOD Nation Resistance Band (

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  • What's gucci ladies!? Here's the latest fitness challenge! Winter for most us means cold weather and snotcicles forming from our nose (so running outside is just NOT happening). Therefore, we've come up with another little circuit that you can do indoors at the gym or even in your own home!

    A 10-to-1 circuit let's you know the rep scheme of the workout.  There will be a list of FOUR exercises, and you will perform 10 repetitions of every exercise, than 9 of every exercise, then 8, then 7, etc., etc. You will try to keep a good, fast pace going so you are challenging yourself with minimal rest.

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  • Fitness Challenge 3

    Here we are, back at the grind! This next fitness challenge focuses on AGILITY....more specifically; quick footwork, staying light on your feet, and explosiveness in short-burst sprints. 


    All you need is a turf field with lines, or any field and 4 cones (there will be a starting line and then 3 of them set up 5 yards apart from each other and then one 15 yards away, all in a straight line). Oh....and make sure you wear CLEATS (let's try to avoid face-planting at all costs)

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