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We Know You're Hungry

  • 110 athletics Soccer Wafers are AMAZING. Who knew a cookie could be healthy and delicious at the same time!? We love eating the wafers by the pack (or two haha)! We enjoy incorporating greek yogurt into our post fitness meals so we thought the two together would be perfect and so we came up with this great and east 110 Athletics Protein Wafer Parfait

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  • In honor of St. Patty's Day we made one of our mom's corned beef & cabbage recipes! And of course we will be eating this with our teammates (what else is new)..... so we suggest you do the same (Bring some to coach too)!

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  • Who loves team dinners? Who loves chicken fajitas? uhhhh EVERYONE!? We created this amazing and easy oven baked chicken fajita recipe that takes little time to prep & cook....that way you can focus on watching more NWSL instead of wasting time working over a hot stove. This recipe serves 6 soccer girls (8 regular humans) so double up everything if you have more teammates over.....

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