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Beyond Sports Glass Program

We had an absolute blast at Beyond Sports G.L.A.S.S. (Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport) a 10-day leadership development program located in Costa Rica. High school athletes from all over the United States are invited to engage in a transformational sports leadership experience, guided by their team of eight Mentors [which btw, are ALL former college athletes - SO COOL]

G.L.A.S.S. gives athletes the opportunity to enhance their athletic and leadership skills, explore Costa Rica, and make lifelong friends! We know from our first hand ex
perience, you will return home to the U.S. feeling inspired to set ambitious goals and will be equipped with the necessary tools to achieve them (just like we did)! 

Our Top 10 Reasons You Should Go On Tour With G.L.A.S.S.

1. Adventure -- Experience the thrill of going to a new place, meeting new people AND eating good food... You get to learn to cook local dishes, hang out on campus, go zip lining, check out sloths, play soccer on the beach and SO much more! Also make sure that you explore new tastes! The mentors took SGP out on the town to experience authentic Costa Rican cuisine. You have to try the plantains, Costadas and Tritz [basically ice-cream sandwhiches] when you are there! 

2. Sports Performance Training -- Each mentor is certified as a NorthStar Crossover Training Professional to provide the best performance and injury prevention training experience specific to soccer players! 


3. Mentorship-- The opportunity to learn first-hand from collegiate athletes across the nation. Each of the mentors played college sports and have personal experiences of balancing sports and school while giving back to others! [They were the sweetest people we've ever met, too!]

4. Experience a one-of-a-kind leadership development curriculum -Leadership is key to success both on and off the field, and G.L.A.S.S. recognizes that. They will help build self-awareness, confidence, and leadership skills so that each student-athlete leaves feeling empowered. (We wish we had this opportunity when we were in high school, this skill set would have helped a ton when in college)!  

5. Personal growth opportunity (as an athlete, a student, and just a person) -- Everyone will be stretched outside their comfort zone, and leave feeling stronger than when they arrived. We learned a lot about ourselves individually from being pushed out of our comfort zone while participating in the program! It made us all want to learn a new language too!

6. Service-Learning-- This is built into the curriculum as a learning tool, but it is also one of Beyond Sports values. They see service as a mutually beneficial experience. When we were in Costa Rica we taught kids in a local school and we think we learned more from them then they could from us, it really taught us to appreciate all that we have!

7. Be surrounded by like-minded peers and mentors -- Going abroad can be nerve-wracking, but you'll have an incredible community to be a part of when you get to campus. We felt like family as soon as we met with the other Glass members.

8. Beyond sports -- There is more to sports than just technical skill development. Sports have the ability to transform, connect, and empower. Soccer has always been a way for us to grow and it is a cornerstone to the program but the GLASS experience.  

10. "Pura vida" -- It was incredible to be a part of the happy, easy-going culture of Costa Rica. The slogan here is "pura vida" which means pure life, and it's exactly that they appreciate and live life to the fullest is Costa Rica! You will start to appreciate their way of life when you at GLASS, and hopefully take that appreciation of life back home with you after! 

11. Guest Speakers --
 There are different motivational speakers at every session to speak about their experiences. We love hearing people who are passionate speak, we always walk away from the talks with new knowledge. 

12. College Prep -- There will be sessions to help break down the college selection process whether you want to play in college or not. If there was a program available to us to help us prep before Fairfield we would go back and take it in a heartbeat. It is so valuable to have support and information on college prep and college athletics that you can't learn from a book or online. 

13. Global Aspect -- Experiencing a new culture. Engaging with other people, cultures and environments encourage us to develop into globally-minded citizens. It allows us to see from different perspectives and step outside of our comfort zones. Personally, we learned so much about the Costa Rican culture and from our mentors who were from all across the United States. 

Click Image Below To enter to Win a Free 10 Day Glass Session in Costa Rica! Contest closes at midnight Feb 19th! Winner will be announced this Monday, Feb 18, 2019! 

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