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You Know You're At Preseason When..

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You wake up before the sun does

The turf is so hot you could cook an egg on it 


You're constantly eating turf 


The Training Room is Constantly Full

"Napping" is really sweating, crying and hugging your fan 


Your Tan lines are your only accessory


You're starting to have feelings for your athletic trainer


There is no time or energy for real showers


You're spending way too much time together #cyclingup


You start to go a little nuts 


You eat everything in sight calories do NOT matter 


Everything starts to smell awful 


Our conditioning is #Beastmode


You eat 1,000,000,001 PB&J Sandwiches 


You still cringe putting your toe in the ice bath  


The stairs are your worst NIGHTMARE


Everyone and their mother are getting their ankles tapped 


You cry a little in-between sessions


and then a little more 


Your social life consists of this


Preseason is tough but it is totally worth it 



Alanna Locast


  • Halle posted on August 01 2017 at 12:08 PM

    This is SO true!!!!!!!!!

  • Dany Borja posted on August 05 2017 at 02:08 PM

    I’ll start my preseason this Monday and man I can’t wait!! (sarcasm)

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