8 Types of Soccer Dads

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1. The #1 Fan Dad
Forgot your cleats at home after he reminded you five times? Have no fear, this dad will jump in his car without hesitation because he's always got your back.
2. The Screamer
Doesn't matter if you're playing or sitting on the bench, this Dad can be heard anywhere in a 2 mile radius from the field.


 3. The "I wish I was watching football but I love my daughter so I'm here" Dad
Touchdown? Goal? What's the difference?


4. The Soccer Taxi Driver Dad
80,000+ Miles on this Dad's car and it's all because of your soccer tournaments 


5. The Substitute Ref Dad
Missing a line ref? No worries, this Dad's got it COVERED.


6. The "If You Score I'll Buy You A Cone" Dad
Best kind of Dad there is...


7. The Phantom Dad
Only sighted dropping off and picking up...this Dad is an expert in camouflaging to the point where you wonder if he's even really watching...


8. The Stat Geek Dad
You may play college ball now, but your Dad can recall every Middle School win you ever had


10. The Sideline Dad
AKA Coach's shadow.

Watch the full Soccer Dad Stereotypes Video- Click Below! 




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