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  • Over and Over again

    How did you get to be a professional athlete? It's a question I am asked often. By parents, coaches, fans, etc. It's a common question for any professional athlete... "Tell me how you got here....” 


    My mind shoots to my 10-year-old self kicking a ball against a wall over and over and over again. I was the little girl who slept with a soccer ball next to her pillow at night, under her Mia Hamm poster and US Women's National Team Calendar hanging on the wall,  praying to whatever god was out there, to give me the ability to one day play like these women. It probably went something like, “Hey God, it’s me Kelly. PLEASE let me be Mia Hamm one day.” Just praying to someone I was told would make all my dreams come true. Soccer was life. It's still life. and sometimes I wonder how I got through it all to get to where I am today. Everyone has a "how they got there" story. 


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  • Juggling for Justice

    Juggling, women’s rights, AND a chance at $200? Sign me up!

    Anne Gross, a high school senior from San Francisco, founded her non-profit, Juggling for Justice, when she was a sophomore.

    Although J4J sounds very similar to Homer Simpson’s Jigglin’ for Justice, our J4J is actually just a way to empower lady ballers to take positive change into their own hands (and feet)!

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  • Here is a list of the most common problems that washed up players face and SGP's personal tips on how to cope with those problems the real world!

    Where shall we begin? Ahhhh yes, the infamous.....


    Who AM I without soccer?... I used to be the "soccer girl" and now I am just a "girl" who....wait.....what am I EVEN GOOD AT!?

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