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The SoccerGrlProbs team consists of Long Island natives Alanna Locast '12, Shannon Fay '14 and Carly Beyar '14, who are all former teammates on the Fairfield University Division 1 Women’s Soccer team. While in between their second and third practice session of the day during preseason of August 2011, the girls and their team were joking around about the struggles of being a female soccer player. They spontaneously decided to create a Twitter handle as a comedic outlet to share their inner thoughts and funny moments about the everyday life of a female athlete. Their team told past teammates, friends and coaches about the Twitter, and within weeks their following grew to hundreds and then thousands. Twitter followers then began to tweet at SoccerGrlProbs, requesting a YouTube video to be created. In February of 2012, they created their first video, "Sh*t Soccer Girls Say" that tallied over ONE MILLION views in three days! Today, SGP has produced over 127 videos that have accumulated over 17.6+ million views and 38+ million minutes watched. What initially started as a comedic venting outlet, became a lifestyle brand with the release of their first t-shirt.

It is our mission to support and encourage the well-being and positive self-image of young female athletes everywhere. We aim to inspire the idea of a strong, confident, positive female athlete who is comfortable in her own skin. We want to empower young female athletes to build a strong inner foundation and to have the confidence to proudly grow into the women they will become. Through social media and our apparel products, we continue to deliver authentic and original content through this lifestyle brand as a means to establish a sense of unity and sisterhood in the female soccer community.

SoccerGrlProbs Roster

Carly Elizabeth Beyar #17

Hometown: South Hempstead, NY
Favorite Player: Carli Lloyd

With experience as a Communications major and Studio Art minor, Carly utilizes her creativity during brainstorms and collaborations with her coworkers. When she isn't making a fool out of herself on camera or posting clever tweets, you can find her working out, playing pick up with friends or watching reruns of "Parks and Recreation". If you REALLY can't find her, chances are she is in the kitchen experimenting with Paleo dessert recipes that never fall short of disappointing (Don’t worry, she eats it anyway).

Shannon  Fay #22

Hometown: Sayville, NY
Favorite Player: Abby Wambach

Shannon enjoys traveling, thrift shopping and Mexican food. She lives by the SGP motto "I'll Run It Off Later" which led her to become a  personal trainer and health coach. When she isn't coming up with new creative content for SGP she likes to go to the beach or binge on Netflix. She thinks of herself as a master in movie quoting. 

Alanna Locast #13

Hometown: Seaford, NY
Favorite Player: Ali Krieger

With a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Exercise Physiology, it only makes sense that Alanna embarrasses herself on camera in referee costumes with her co-workers for a living. She follows more cute animals on Instagram than she does human beings (including an unnecessarily absurd amount of French Bulldog accounts.) Shonda Rhimes runs her Thursday nights and Meredith Grey is her spirit animal. If she has mastered anything, it’s training like a professional athlete and eating like a third grader. 


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