Teammate Stereotypes: Which teammate are you?

Teammate Stereotypes: Which teammate are you?

Teammate Stereotypes: Which teammate are you?


Welcome to the world of "Teammate Stereotypes". Every teammate has their habits, hobbies & passions. We just expose them, title them & re-enact them for you...... Enjoy :)


"THE SUCK UP" This teammate can often be found racing around the field to pick up all the cones for coach, arriving early to practice or spending extra time after practice pumping up all the practice balls. Contrary to popular belief, this player is NOT coach's favorite.

"THE PERPETUAL EATER" Want to know who the perpetual eater is on your team? Open up all the lockers in the locker room...the one with power bar wrappers, pretzel bags and cookies stuffed in every corner is the one.  This teammate has also developed the impressive skill of sneakily eating food DURING practice and games.

"THE CRYER"  Everyone on the team has their way of dealing with their soccer girl problems......for example, this teammate walks in the room, crying. She's in the training room, weeping. She's on the field, sobbing. Crying tears of happiness, sadness or pain? We will never know. Just let her deal with it, she'll be fine.

"THE TEAM SPIRITED" This teammate is our soccer team's version of a "cheerleader" (Minus the mini skirt, makeup & flexibility). The sound of her voice from across the field comforts you after a hard tackle, a grueling foul or a tough loss.  She is always the most enthusiastic in the locker room, the team motivator/hair braider..... and the loudest girl on the bench.


"THE UNLUCKY ONE" She is the girl that is always injured and no one can understand how or why. She is the girl that thinks coach is subbing her in but..... turns out he called the wrong name. She is the girl that sprains her ankle in the warm-up. She's the girl that owns a timeshare in the ice bath. She's...the unlucky one.

"THE OVERLY INTENSE": Team's gonna go on a casual jog? YA, right. This teammate will turn it into an all-out, sprint-to-the-finish, you-lose-you-die, death race. "For fun"??? NO SUCH THING. The overly intense teammate can often be found screaming at practices and playing pick-up scrimmages as if they were the World Cup. She's the one that GOES...well.... before coach says, "GO". 

"THE F@#K UP": Ohhhhh the "F" up... Coach's favorite (nope). She is the girl that overslept and ran into practice a half hour late. She is the one who refuses to play any other position. Chances are she posted something on social media that coach didn't like...oh.....and damnit...She forgot her shinguards again. 

"DA BOMB": Also known as "The Golden Child", "God's Gift to Earth", to put it simply...."Coach's Favorite". This teammate is often seen wearing bright neon cleats and shin guards that are so small they wouldn't cover a toddler's shins.  Da bomb can do no wrong in coach's eyes.  She messes up a drill during practice? NOPE, not possible, Coach will blame it on the player closest to her.

Oh and what is the game plan again? Play it to "DA BOMB". 


DISCLAIMER: It is 100% OK to be ANY of these girls...Admit the end of the day, we are a combination of all of them :) Embrace who you are! Just PLEASE, please don't be this teammate...



  • Addie Smith: July 01, 2019

    each one of these describes one of my teammates. I am so the “overly intense”

  • nedy atieno: March 24, 2015

    I love the team I would wish to join

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