50 Little Things That Make All Soccer Players Scream

50 Little Things That Make All Soccer Players Scream

50 Little Things That Make All Soccer Players Scream

1. When the person in front of you cuts corners.

2. Thunder delays.

3. Trying to put a sports bra on after the shower.

4. When your team has been winning by 7 goals all practice but coach says "next goal wins"

5. When someone pulls on your jersey during a throw-in.

6. When someone is walking too slow in front of you. 

7. When the person in the front of the line sprints the "warm up lap"

8. When your turf burn was almost healed but you fall on it and rip it all open again.

9. When you bring 2 LEFT socks.

10. When coach texts you to bring running shoes to practice.

11. When you use the bathroom mid practice and can't pull your spandex back up.

12. When your cleats keep rubbing against the same spot on your foot.

13. When you cleat your own ankles.

14. Trying to brush your rat-nest hair after games

15. Shaving around turf burn.

16. Farmers tan.

17.  Sports bras that are too tight

18. Not getting your own row on the away game bus.

19. When they don't have your cleat size.

20. Ombre legs.

21. Not remembering which shin guard is supposed to go on which leg.

22. When you assume your opponent is slow as molasses but then they get subbed in and absolutely truck you.

23. When a game goes into double overtime and you lose.

24. The beep test.  

25. Waiting on the never-ending line to get your ankle taped.

26. Not being able to find a full water bottle in the sea of empty water bottles in your bag.

27.  When the lacrosse field lines get confused with the soccer field lines. 

28. Corner kicks that have no room to back up and take the kick.

29. When coach tells you to warm up to get subbed in but then forgets you.

30. When the entire field is only a few yards wider than the 18-yard box.

31. When you shank a shot five miles over the top of the goal.

32. When coach asks you to volunteer to take the penalty kick.

33. When you MISS the penalty kick.

34. That one mom who won't stop screaming.

35. When your favorite cleats start to rip. 

36. Heading an over-pumped up ball off a cross.

37. Swinging and missing. Aka "the whiff"

38. Sideline referees that aren't paying attention.

39. When coach is only watching every time you make a mistake.

40. Pulling a hammy. 

42. Trying to explain offsides to your mom.

43. Not getting the jersey number you wanted.

44. When Coach doesn't wash the pennies and they're wet. 

45. When your prewrap is borrowed by the entire team and is gone.

46. When you can't travel to an away game because you're injured.

47. Find an old piece of fruit in the bottom of your bag.

48. When the ref tells you take out your earrings and you got them pierced yesterday.

49. When it's dead silent and you let out a loud fart with the opposing defender standing right next to you.

50.  Overcomplicated drills.





  • Stephanie: October 09, 2018

    When the ref blocks your beautiful threw ball to your teammate that could have been a goal.

  • Miranda grass: October 09, 2018

    54 When your teammate calls you off a free kick then shanks it

  • Robin Poelarends: October 11, 2017

    When your the only girl in the team and you have to do something in groups of 2 people? So you have to ask a boy and trust me thats very akward. Especially when your playing in the first team with boys under 17 (most of them are 16)

  • Allie Smith: October 10, 2017

    52 when your calling for the ball and someone says you have to call for it

  • Boo: October 09, 2017

    51. When you coach doesn’t tell you the field change and your 30 minuets late for practice.?

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