Top 8 Preseason Problems

Top 8 Preseason Problems

Top 8 Preseason Problems

1. Sessions on Sessions: If that doesn't explain it, here is a quick recap of a typical preseason schedule. 

7 AM Wake up
730 AM Run Test
8:15 AM Breakfast
10 AM Session 1
12:30 PM Lunch
3 PM Session 2
5:15 PM Dinner
7 PM Extra Fitness
8:30 PM Bed

2. Ice Bath: After a nice long session..or even after the second or third of a day, an ice bath is recommended to reduce swelling and the breakdown of muscle tissue. That sounds appealing… BUT until you experience the shock of 50 degree water and the feeling hypothermia quickly and bitterly approaching, you may want to second guess diving in! (That's you down cold.)

3. Forever Sore: Okay... so even after two ice baths a day, you can still feel sore… so what’s the point of going through the pain of an ice bath to still feel pain afterwards? Pain EITHER way?… I’ll just skip & limp to lunch now.

4. Hot DormsAhhh finally, your first chance to lay down… bedtime. You are unbelievably tired but yet somehow the 3 different fans in your room that are strategically placed to make the room bearable don’t help ONE bit… instead... why not just toss and turn with the sheets sticking to your back, have random conversations with your roommate until you realize you have to be up in 3 hours?…K.

5. Nap City: Why do the dorms always have to be sooooo far from the Athletic Center? When you get a half hour of free time, all you want to do is close your eyes but NOPE… the walk takes 10 minutes in itself..... which leaves time for about a 5 minute nap. The better option is just to lay all the towels on the locker room floor (dirty or clean) and crash there. #YOSOTLRFO 

6. Injuries: How long did you last this preseason without picking up SOME sort of injury? 3 days? 2? One session? It only takes a day or two for at least half the team to migrate to the training room before and after each session. If you make it through preseason without an injury… I envy you and your injury prevention ways.....

7. Unrealistic Fitness Testing: Where was I when a "good mile time" dropped from 7 minutes... to 5 4 minutes & 30 seconds? I swear a 7 minute mile was always solid, but preseason reminds me that what I think & do is not good enough!… at least in our coaches eyes. We’re just never fit enough for them, yet if they ran WITH us, maybe they will feel for us. Still waiting for that day....Coach you wanna race?

8. Having The Hots For Your Trainer Because There's No One Else On Campus (Yes, this is it's OWN category)- Campus is dead during preseason and there are not many other people you interact with aside from your teammates. Sure you spend time with your coaches, but they start to annoy you after a few days… and then there’s you’re extremely average looking athletic trainer that gets better looking as each day goes on. It may have something to do with how they roll you out or how they massage your legs. Whatever it may be, there’s just that little something that makes you raise an eyebrow… Until the first day of class when the rest of the students arrive, that thought goes straight down the toilet.

Contributions: Justin Lewis, soccer player at Fairfield University! 


  • MAE: September 25, 2015

    check out my blog!!!

  • Sara: August 28, 2015

    LOLOLOL!!!All of this is true! I love you guys and your merchandise ;)

  • Danielle: August 26, 2015

    This is so true! Love your blog!

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