The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success

I want to tell you a secret. As a former USWNT player and the first player in Washington Spirit history to have her jersey retired, I want to let you in on what has been my edge: My MINDSET. 

It is truly what has separated me and my fellow USWNT stars on our quest to authentic excellence. Today, as a keynote speaker, coach, and performance ignitor, it is still what I eat and breathe every day of my life. 

While I impact people of all ages, there is a special group who is close to my heart, the teenage female athlete

I think about my 14-year old self. That young Jo, determined to excel and hungry for knowledge. Along my journey there were many moments that were lonely and challenging. Hours spent on the field, kicking against a wall, sweat dripping from my forehead as I ran hill after hill. 

In the inevitable instances of doubt and pain, I’d ask myself, “Do I have what it takes? Could I really play in college and for the National Team?”

There were highs, lows and much of the time nowhere to go for help on how to deal with it all. Who could I turn to who had been through it and could pass along that essential edge?

Well, I am about to change that…

I'm excited to announce that I've launched an exclusive 6-month group coaching program for high-reaching female athletes ages 12-16 called The Champion’s Mindset.

Here I am, almost 30 years later giving that young Jo the experience and mentorship she desperately needed. Giving her, and now, many others, the gift of The Gift 


The Champion’s Mindset is based around 5 keys:

  1. Peak Performance: Learn how to harness the power of your mind to excel. 
  2. Resilience & Mental Toughness: Develop techniques to overcome challenges, setbacks, and pressure.
  3. Self-Belief and Confidence: Enhance performance through a positive self-image and mental well-being.
  4. Goal Setting & Achievement: Master the art of setting and achieving both short-term and long-term goals.
  5. Leadership & Team Dynamics: Understand the dynamics of teamwork, leadership, and effective communication.

Are you ready to tap into your own greatness? 

Click here to learn more about this transformational program and to apply.



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