GOAL SETTING 101 | S.M.A.R.T Goals for Athletes

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Hi Ladyballers! We're here to chat about goal-setting today. For those who are unfamiliar with how to set the best goals for yourself, we're here for you.

As athletes, we want to set SMART goals. That's right.. S.M.A.R.T. goals. 

S- Specific 

Get specific! When you're thinking of your goals you want to be extremely dialed in on exactly what you want to accomplish. 

SPECIFIC GOAL: Run a 6-minute mile

M- Measurable 

Again, you need to get specific here! Quantifiable goals are extremely crucial here because hey, how the heck will you know you achieved it if your goal is vaguely described?

MEASURABLE GOAL: Run the mile every Monday and write down my times. Keep a running list of the data to see if my mile time improves in 4 weeks. 

A- Attainable

Alright, this tip is MAJOY KEY. We need to be realistic when setting our goals for on and off the pitch. We need to find a healthy balance between too unrealistic and just challenging enough that it will push you to accomplish it!  

ATTAINABLE GOAL: Practice the 1-mile time every Monday. 

R- Relevant 

Relevant goals are major key. Does your goal support your mission or beliefs? Does it align with what you are "all about"? If you are choosing a goal that you are passionate about and firmly believe in, working towards the goal will be that much more enjoyable!  

RELEVANT GOAL: Strength train 2x a week, Endurance training 2x a week plus Sprint-training 1-2x a week. *You wouldn't endurance train like a marathon runner, right? You make it relevant to your 1-MILE timed goal!

T- Time-Sensitive 

Let's talk about time, shall we? Having an extremely specific time or date will help increase the chances of you getting it done. Think of it as a milestone that you must hit! 

TIMELY GOAL: Run a 6-minute mile in 30 days ON X DATE!

Want more tips? There is more where that came from! We compiled 8 Tips Every Goal Digger Needs to Succeed into a free PDF below! These are helpful tips that WE WISH WE UTILIZED when we were younger #Ladyballers! GO download yours for free now! 

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