We Surveyed 200,000 Soccer Girls About What Makes A Great Teammate; Here Are The Top Answers

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We Surveyed 200,000 Soccer Girls About What Makes A Great Teammate; Here Are The Top Answers


10. Be that teammate who goes out of the way to say hi to the new person on the team

^^^Be THIS teammate, always. We all remember the first person who was kind to us in a new environment, right? Why not try and be that teammate for others.


9. Be that teammate who leads from the bench.

^^^The most underrated kind of teammate. Never doubt the impact you can have off the field. If you are the kind of teammate who only leads and encourages when you're playing or doing well, then 


8.  Be that teammate who never lets the keeper walk off the pitch alone.

^^^Amen...we walk on the field together and off the field together. No one gets left behind


7. Be that teammate who is a calming force.

^^^Don't get me wrong, we love a good hype teammate who amps up the energy....But we could ALL use this kind of calm energy teammate.


6. Be that varsity teammate who mentors JV players!

^^^We have all been there and the encouragement and feeling of belonging means more than words! Being new and feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by an environment is one of the hardest hurdles to over come. Having a teammate who helps you through it is priceless!


5. Be that teammate that supports and encourages you even when you had a bad game.

^^^I think it's safe to say, a teammate who encourages is ALWAYS appreciated. There's nothing worse than feeling like you played a terrible game and THEN having your teammates upset with you on top of that. Always strive to be the teammate who helps another player brush it off!


4. Be that teammate that shows others how much value they bring to the team, even when the coach can't be bothered to do so.

^^^Small things like this can be a game changer on a team! Taking a moment to shoot a teammate a text or let them know how important they are to the team can literally change someone's entire experience.


3.  Be that teammate that brings an extra pair of socks to practices/games.

^^^Real talk, the teammate who has extras is a LIFE SAVER.


2.  Be the teammate who respects both her team and her opponent.

^^^We loved this response. Take a look at the greatest athletes and teammates of all time. They exhibited respect to everyone around them; coaches, opponents, teammates, refs

1.  (Our favorite response)

Be that teammate who never brings or allows negativity to the field. Be the one who is always finding ways to improve the team. Be the one that realizes the relationships within a team/coaching staff is way more important that a win-loss ratio. Be the one who doesn't only care about the wins, but what we can all learn from the game. Not just to apply the skills of leadership, accountability and kindness to the game, but to your every day life. People will look back on who you were as a teammate/person. So ask yourself, who are you now? Not just as a teammate, but as a friend, sibling, coworker and most importantly, person. Be the teammate that knows who you are.




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