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What Your Uniform Says About You

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As Lady Ballers, we know that every soccer girl wears her uniform in a unique way...So, do you know what your uniform says about you!?

The Basic AF
No time to get all fancy with your gear.. you have better things to do (like collect all of the cones at practice and then score a hat trick in your next game).

The IDGAF Cause I'm Tobin Heath
You probably show up as late as you can to the locker room because you could care less about your appearance.. which is perfectly fine (And your shin guards could fall out at any moment but...if it works Tobin Heath..then it must be a good idea, right)!

The Thigh High
Prone to more turf battle wounds, you like to keep your socks high to prevent any more damage (Also, great for when you're playing in 20-degree weather and need an extra layer to keep your muscles warmsmart). 

The Do It For The Tape Ball
You are convinced that this keeps your shin guards from falling down and that you look like a warrior in gladiators (which can be intimidating). You are also going for the World's Largest Tape Ball Record..so naturally every game is a layer closer to achieving tape greatness.

The 10 Rolls Later
Your shorts have more rolls than the bakery that your team swarms after early Sunday practice... and you're 'not sorry bout it'

The Julie Johnston Wannabe
Look like Julie Johnston, play like Julie Johnston.
Does the cute fiance come with this? We shall see!

The Steve Urkel
You say "it happens when you run" but Lady Baller... unless you're cheetah fast.. there was a LITTLE help to get these bad boys so high!
The Sloppoptamus
Messy is your middle name.. don't wear it out (get it...wear? el oh el).
Back to rocking the "slob" look, mom would be proud.

The Miss Proper

That one girl that tucks her shirt in when the referee asks the entire team to during check-ins before the game starts. No shame, you listen..and that's wonderful.

The Gun Show

The 10+ hours a week in the gym are made "WORTH IT" when you get to show off those bad boys. Which way's the gym? You got two tickets to the gun show? (Alright.. you're strong and awesome, we get it). 


Alanna Locast

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