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Three Long Island soccer players start SoccerGrlProbs

Fairfield Trio's Twitter Account "SoccerGrlProbs" Takes Off


Fairfield SoccerGrlProbs Wins National Sports and Sustainability Tourney 

Connecticut News 12

Fairfield Soccer Players create successful small business

Founders Carly Beyar, Shannon Far and Alanna Locast say their venture "Soccer Grl Probs" was at first a series of funny YouTube videos and Twitter posts by members of the team, but is now a business that pulls in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.
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FAME Incubator's SoccerGrlProbs Growing Bigger

It started out just for fun. That’s how the founders of SoccerGrlProbs LLC described their first venture in the summer of 2011 – a series of playful tweets about being female soccer players. All then Fairfield University undergraduates Carly Beyar ’14, Shannon Fay ’14, and Alanna Locast ’12..."
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Connecticut Post

Soccer tweets lead to booming business

If ever a company was built by social media, it's SoccerGrlProbs, started by three recent Fairfield University graduates and already a burgeoning phenomenon.
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Boston Breakers

Boston Breakers team up with SoccerGrlProbs

The Boston Breakers announced today an exciting new partnership with SoccerGrlProbs. The Breakers and SoccerGrlProbs will be collaborating on several ventures for 2015 season, including joint videos.
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LI soccer women who played at Fairfield have big Twitter following

With soccer training, comes complaining.And no gripes can match the sometimes sarcastic, often funny @SoccerGrlProbs Twitter grievances of three college players from Long Island.

SportzEdge News8 WTNH

Three Fairfield women’s soccer players turn a hashtag into an internet phenomenon

Three Fairfield women’s soccer players have turned what started out as a joke into a national phenomenon and growing business.
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Soccer America

Girls soccer handle takes on life of its own

Three women's players at Fairfield University, all natives of Long Island, launched a twitter handle SoccerGirlProblems (@SoccerGrlProbs) in 2011 to tweet humorously about their soccer problems and three years later the handle has 184,000 followers.

Top Drawer Soccer

Soccer Girl Problems ‘Fo’Breeze Commercial’ scores yet again

The highly anticipated new “Soccer Girl Problems” video hits the internet with much welcome from many soccer fans and players across the nation. With over 38,000 views in the first three days, the video promises laughs once again.

Her Campus

#"With Training Comes Complaining," the Creators of SoccerGrlProbs

Joking around in the Walsh Athletic Centre locker room after their third training session of the day for the women’s soccer team, Carly Beyar ’14, Shannon Fay ’14 and Alanna Locast ’12 never expected that their Twitter account SoccerGrlProbs would turn out to be a rising company and make them famous among the soccer community. While the company only started with a few tweets followed by the hashtag #SoccerGrlProbs, they now have over 180,000 Twitter followers, three million views for their first YouTube video titled “Sh*t Soccer Girls Say” and an apparel line. Recently, the girls just revealed their identities after keeping them secret for over two years.


#SoccerGrlProbs—Fairfield Students Create International Soccer Sensation

The secret is out and the fans are going wild. The soccer players behind the wildly popular #SoccerGrlProbs brand have finally revealed their identities to the world--and they are Fairfield University students!



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