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  • USWNT Push for Equal Pay

    USWNT: "It's our 'responsibility' 'to push for equal pay'

    This morning at the gym I was warming up on the bike watching the Today Show when some of my favorite people appeared on the screen! Becky Sauerbrunn, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan, along with their attorney were chatting with Matt Lauer. I quickly plugged my headphones in just in time to hear why these players were on. Yesterday, several USWNT players accused the U.S Soccer Federation of wage discrimination in an action filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

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  • On Friday, SoccerGrlProbs got to experience the ACE16+ PureControl "Boss Everyone" event held by Adidas in Brooklyn, NY! We watched both boys and girls play a 5 v 5 tournament in a massive warehouse and the competition was crazy. The teams were lucky enough to wear the Ace16+ PureControl cleats during the tournament....and they looked SO. COOL. 

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  • SGP Sits Down With USWNT's Crystal Dunn

    SoccerGrlProbs was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Crystal Dunn yesterday. After the media's mixed reviews on the young roster choices for the Olympic Qualifiers we wanted to find out what Crystal thought of the team chemistry. She believes that right now "The team chemistry is great. There's a lot of new parts and that's obviously going to take adjusting. We've lost a lot of players who we looked up to."

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